International Event Staff

Are you planning an international event or doing a series of global events? Have you thought about taking event staff with you? It may not be as costly as you think! Retaining the same staff for a series of events can reduce the need for training and save you money in the long run.

Benson’s can deliver you the finest international event staff in any part of the world! Our amazing team of international event staff love to travel. They are also experienced in working with a diversity of people from different cultures.

All of our staff have excellent communication and language skills and some are multi-lingual. So, we can handpick you the best event staff based on your requirements. We can also arrange their travel and accommodation details – one less thing for you to worry about!

So if you’re holding a conference, trade show, sports event or corporate weekend and you want it in the hands of people you know and trust then get in touch! We have experience and knowledge of working on international events, including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio D’Janeiro.