Event Hostesses and Hosts

First impressions count! Our event hostesses and hosts will greet your guests at the door or on the red carpet. The stunning hostesses present themselves beautifully and have very welcoming and charming personalities. Our hosts/hostesses can provide a variety of functions and they are great asset to any event team.

Generally hosts and hostesses start the evening by providing a meet and greet service for your guests as they arrive. Whether that’s at the airport, venue entrance or reception area. They can be briefed to recognise and identify your VIP guests and ensure they receive extra care and attention.

They are also on hand to help with all kinds of tasks such as guest list registration, seating, topping up Champagne glasses, distributing gift bags, operating luggage or coat storage, mingling with guests – they are versatile and multi-talented.

Hosting staff remain on hand throughout the event and just as importantly ensure the guests make a safe exit at the end of the event. Please contact us if you want our hostesses to be the face of your next event.