Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and attitude. Therefore, we have a select number of quality ambassadors in comparison to some other agencies. However, we put great emphasis in getting to know them individually and understanding their skills, passions and personality. That way we can match the perfect ambassador to your brand.

Benson’s have worked with big brands and household names. Alpine Cars, The No1 Rosemary Water Company, Canadian Solar, Trustly Group and Jamie Oliver to name a few. Therefore, our staff have covered everything from beauty products to commercial vehicles. Benson’s brand ambassadors are experienced in achieving results. Whether that’s increasing sales or improving brand awareness, they are on the ground, amongst your customers, delivering your message and generating sales.

Working on live events and engaging with prospective customers is at the heart of what our ambassadors do. Using skills such as data capture, sales techniques, shared experiences and demonstrations to deliver your brand message where it has most impact and in a cost-effective way.

Benson’s also take great pride in the little details. From perfectly presented uniforms and matching footwear to coordinated hair styles, we understand how creating the perfect image can be vitally important to your brand or campaign.

So, get in touch if you want to tap into our circle of enthusiastic and driven brand ambassadors. Or, if you want to discuss your requirements further.