Sampling Staff

Benson’s staff know what it takes to sample a product successfully. That’s why we only use staff with specific skills. We look for excellent communication skills, confident presentation techniques and perform well under pressure. Our sampling staff can remember information about a brand or product very quickly. This is then relayed to the customer in a confident and authentic pitch.

Benson’s staff have sampled and demonstrated many products over the years. These include health products, beauty products, electrical items as well as food and beverage products. Our staff have experience working in a number of different environments such as retail, in store, pop up locations, street, outdoor events and shopping centres. We also have staff who have food safety and hygiene qualifications.

We have hundreds of experienced staff on our system. Therefore, we have the capacity to deal with events of all shapes and sizes. From one-off sampling in store, product demonstrations at exhibitions to full scale multi-staff roadshows. If you want to work with us on your next event please get in touch.