Aerial Artists

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Working and performing at heights can be dangerous and we don’t advise that you try it yourself. Leave it to the professionals! We have a range of stunning Aerial Artists for you to choose from.

Our aerial acrobats are spectacular and exciting to watch! Their dynamic, powerful and daring routines are sure to capture your audience’s attention. They use their strength and flexibility to twist and turn gracefully through hoops and silks at height – making a breath-taking choreographed performance for any event.

Our aerial acrobats are very experienced and can perform a range of routines using hoops and/or silks. You can choose to have a choreographed routine to music or simply have our performers ‘hanging’ around as your guests arrive. They can work as solo acts or with other aerial artists to create an amazing and unique display. Please note that due to the nature of the act that performance time may be limited.

Our performers can also take on different personas or be costumed to suit your theme. From 1920’s Gatsby to Alice in Wonderland or Moulin Rouge to ‘Under the Sea’, Benson’s can provide a range of costumes or create bespoke costumes specifically for your event.

Aerial artists are more suited to large venues with high ceilings however that hasn’t stopped us before as we can work with reputable suppliers to erect temporary rigs in most locations. Most aerial artists will rig their own equipment if access to safe rigging points is provided. Please contact us to discuss further whether your venue us suitable for Aerial Artists.

Aerial artists are also available to hire for film, TV or theatre performances.