Acrobats and Acrobatic Performers

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Watch in amazement as our fantastically talented Acrobats somersault, twist, flip and balance on various pieces of equipment. Their strength and poise is unbelievable as they complete complex moves with extreme precision. Therefore, your guests will be on the edge of their seats.

Our gymnasts and cirque acrobats are experienced performers. Also, they having trained for many years to be in peak physical condition. As a result they are able to perform the most daring and complex stunts.

Similarly, Benson’s has access to acrobatic duos and troops. Performing acrobatics on an even bigger scale. Our troops can also incorporate various styles of dance into their routines.

Our acrobats have performed at product launches, flash mobs, street performances, formal dinners, award events, weddings and on TV shows and live shows. They have a multitude of skills from hand-balancing to sports acro and tumbling to cheerleading. Performances can be adapted to incorporate specific requests from the client including bespoke props and costumes. Please contact us if you have any ideas you wish to discuss.