Fairy Parties / Fairy Entertainment

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A sprinkle of magic fairy dust and you will have a fairy party to remember! Our beautiful fairy party hosts will fly in and keep the children entertained. So, you can enjoy the party with the other mums and dads!

Our glittery fairy entertainers will take your little fairies on a journey of discovery, teaching them what being a fairy is all about. They will play games, sing songs, organise treasure hunts – nothing is too much of an ask for our little fairies! We can tailor your fairy parties to exactly your requirements, for that reason no party is ever the same!

Our fairies are professional children’s entertainers. Therefore, they know how to interact and engage with children of all ages. They will spend time with each and every child and be on hand to pose for plenty photographs. Finally, it goes without saying, that they will pay extra special attention to the birthday girl!

Your little Tinkerbells in the making will have the time of their lives at our Fairy parties and graduate as fully-fledged fairy! Contact us now to book your magical Fairy Party.