Princess Parties / Princess Entertainment

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Growing in popularity over the last couple of years, our Princess Parties are now top choice for many little girls. Benson’s will bring your favourite Disney characters to life with our realistic interpretations of your favourite princesses. Also, our Princess Parties are filled with girly games and activities, fit for any little princess in the making.

Here at Benson’s we know our Disney princesses! Therefore, our beautiful performers can embody the qualities of each character and, as a result, deliver a realistic performance.

The original Disney princesses including Snow White and Cinderella have classy, graceful and dream-like qualities. Whilst, the more modern princesses such as Rapunzel (Tangled), Anna (Frozen) and Moana (Moana), are much more confident, powerful and daring.

You can tailor your party to exactly what your little girl loves! Choose your favourite princess or princesses to host your party and select your preferred activities from a full and varied list. Furthermore, our princesses are very talented. They will provide music, perform routines, dance and sing, play games, or undertake arts and crafts. So, whatever theme you choose, you are sure to have a fun-filled party to remember!

Our princess performers can be combined with our other costumed characters or children’s entertainment suitable for your little princes as well as your little princesses! Take a look at our range of entertainment.