The true cost of hiring event staff

There’re literally hundreds of event staff out there, who are eager to work, right? We don’t need to pay for a staffing agency to arrange it? We will save money doing it ourselves, won’t we?

In some instances, the answer is ‘Yes’ but it’s worth considering all of your options, and what’s involved, before you embark on your staff recruitment campaign.

Here are just a few of things to think about before you decide what’s the right approach for you:

  1. Budget

    If you’re lucky enough to have a budget for event staff then make sure you spend it wisely. This means being clear from the start about what your event staffing costs entail. Be realistic about numbers, rates, overtime costs, travel and other expenses. And if you’re dealing with a staffing agency make sure they are upfront about add-ons including any booking fees, management fees, expenses etc which can sometimes come as a surprise. Finally, it’s always good to have some room in the budget just in case something crops up that you haven’t thought about – and trust us it usually does!

  2. Time

    Make sure you have plenty of time available to manage your staff requirements effectively. You may find yourself having to write role descriptions and job adverts, shortlist and interview suitable candidates, appoint and administer new staff, issue contracts, provide detailed briefing and training, arrange travel and accommodation, manage staff on-site and deal with any issues that arise with any of the above. Time is precious, and although it is entirely possible for you to do all of this, you have to weigh up the cost of your time vs the cost of engaging a staffing agency to handle all of this for you.

  3. Resources

    Successful staffing agencies are built on years of knowledge and experience but we also have the tools to do the job quickly and efficiently. We have spent endless hours growing our networks, forging relationships and building extensive databases, which allows us to find the best staff at a minute’s notice. Well, we do appreciate at least 24 hours, but we have been known to mobilise a team in less time! So, whether it’s a certain area of expertise, experience or appearance you are looking for, we can find the perfect staff for you at the push of a button.

If this all sounds like a headache waiting to happen then Benson’s are here to support you! Benson’s Agency can take the load off, your already busy schedule, and find you the best event staff for the job. And what’s more, with Benson’s, you have a single fee for staff, so they’ll be no little surprises on your invoice. Get in touch to discuss your event staffing requirements.