Alice in Wonderland Private Birthday Party



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The Client


About the Event

This was an invitation only birthday party for a private client. The exclusive birthday party was held in Kensington, Central London. The client had chosen an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed event.

The Brief

We worked with a specialist event planner to tailor an entertainment package for a high-end private birthday party. The entertainment must bring to life the characters from the film Alice In Wonderland and provide a magical yet slightly surreal experience for the party goers.

Our Solution

We brought together a variety of our talented performers with skills which complemented each of the Alice In Wonderland characters. We cast one of our beautiful promotional models into the starring role as Alice, her confidence and elegance suited the role perfectly. We felt the Queen of Hearts, as ruler of the land, should stand tall above everyone, on stilts that is! Our costumed stilt-walker proved a huge hit with guests and created the impact we wanted to achieve. We thought the devious Cheshire Cat could get up to even more mischief on roller skates and to top it off we picked the perfect actor to portray the Mad Hatter!

The Result

The diverse range of skills presented by our talented performers created a realistic and entertaining portrayal of the characters in the story. The client and the guests were very happy with the magical Wonderland we had managed to create.