Dancing Grannies

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Hilariously funny and surprisingly entertaining, our dancing grannies can put on a fantastic performance in just about any location! From store openings, flash mobs and birthday parties to street performances and corporate events. It’s not surprising our talented pensioners are a real hit just about anywhere they go!

These super-grannies are amazing performers! You will not believe your eyes as they ditch their Zimmer frame and bust a groove to the latest sounds. Our talented grannies have mastered various styles of dance including street, hip-hop and break dancing. They have also perfected the art of twerking!

Dancing grannies use the element of surprise. They spring into action when you least expect it. We use realistic costumes and make-up techniques to blend into the surrounding environment and ensure maximum impact.

Their show can make great social media content. They’ve received hundreds or posts and shares across all platforms. Also, dancing grannies have attracted media attention in the past with the likes of ITV news covering their antics. So, don’t underestimate the power of the blue rinse. Make sure you book our superstar grannies for your next big event!