Human Tables

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Dressed to impress and with a number of themes to choose from, our human tables are a unique and stunning feature. The human table concept was first seen on Dragons’ Den. You won’t believe your eyes as the drinks table comes to life and start to interact with you and your guests. Your friendly table will have polite conversation and also encourage your guests to mix and mingle with others.

Dessert and Gift Table

Our choice of tables are flexible and versatile and can serve almost anything your heart desires. Champagne, canapes, gift bags or cupcakes, you name it we can make it interesting and exciting. You can choose from a variety of designs and tables can be dressed to suit any theme. So, be imaginative and creative and let us know your ideas!

You have the choice of a static table, while others opt for a strolling table. Consequently your drinks table can double up as your walk-about entertainment. If you are looking for a novel act that will truly amaze your guests, then take a look at some of our previous tables below.

Drinks Table

Our human drinks table and strolling drinks tables are exciting and unique, therefore, will make a lasting impression on your guests.

You can position one of our stunningly dressed tables at the entrance to your event and watch your guests faces as the table comes to life. Tables can be dressed to any theme from 1920’s Gatsby to Mermaid designs. Country and colour themes are popular too – you choose and we’ll make it happen!

For walk around entertainment, why not consider one of our strolling Champagne tables. Serve fizz to your guests in a unique and unforgettable way! The stunning dresses are designed to hold up to 50 glasses of bubbly so there’s plenty to go around! Cheers to that!

If you want to hire one of our stunning tables please get in touch asap.