Experienced promotional staff Luke headshot

Luke Stanton


Age: 22
Height: 6ft 2in
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Talents: Event manager, data capture, sales, compere, brand ambassador, costume work

More about Luke

Luke’s talents make him extremely flexible and versatile. He has gained lots of experience in a number of different roles including managing staff teams. He is very much a team player and is well respected and liked by the people he works with. He loves the variety that his work brings, whether that’s venturing to new places or meeting new people, every day brings a fresh challenge.

He still considers himself as being at the start of his career and has set his sights high. He is constantly looking for opportunities to grow and gain experience in an industry that he loves and is always willing to go above and beyond. His biggest achievement to date was working on the production crew for London’s New Year’s Day parade.

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