Benson’s actors at forefront of Uni City Lodge promotional campaign

Benson’s Agency provided three fresh-faced actors and actresses to feature in a promotional campaign for Uni City Lodge.

The private student accommodation provider wanted to produce a short video and new suite of promotional images to raise awareness about their brand.


They were looking for a number of young adults to pose as students for both the video and photography shoot.

Benson’s, who have access to hundreds of promotional models and professional actors, registered with their staffing agency, were able to quickly identify suitable people for the roles.

The actors were briefed on how to present themselves for the shoot, which took place over 1 day in and around the Coventry University area. The purpose of the promotional film was to highlight the benefits of Uni City Lodge in a visually engaging way. It will be featured on their social media and website.

Hayley Selway, owner of Benson’s staffing agency said “We were very excited to work with Uni City Lodge on this project. It was a great day of filming and we are thrilled with the final results!”

Watch the video in full here