Glitter unicorn and monkey costumed characters – abbi&me Events



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The Client

abbi&me events

About the Event

A festival themed summer party for 400 members of staff. Ibiza style DJ’s, garden terrace outdoor venue and laid-back vibes. There was tons of glitter and rainbow coloured balloons so the entertainment had to be fun and unique.


The Brief

The client requested dancing unicorns and mischievous monkey costumed characters to meet and greet guests at the entrance and mix and mingle throughout the event.

Our Solution

We sourced brightly coloured unicorn style costumes and used two of our most lively and energetic performers to bring fun to the character. We added festival style glittery face gems and rainbow coloured wigs to match the theme. The monkey’s wore animal print suits and full-face monkey masks and could be seen swinging in trees and being generally mischievous.

The Result

The entertainment was so unique and different. The unicorn and monkey characters definitely attracted attention whilst also fitting perfectly with the vibe of the event.

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